My background and depth of experience in structural geology, geomechanics, fault and fracture mechanics, hydrocarbon production, subsurface integrity, and underground fuel storage power engagements with companies to add value to their operations.

Technical Consulting

I own and operate Orion Geomechanics LLC that serves the energy and geomechanics sectors.

With Orion Geomechanics LLC orionlogoart-colorI provide technical/project-management consulting services for subsurface engineering companies, oil and gas companies, and precious metals exploration and mining companies.

I am available to apply my technical expertise in the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors and related areas. I can be contacted via (Orion Geomechanics LLC).

Litigation Consulting Expert

My experience from academia and industry as a Subject Matter Expert in geomechanics and geologic subsurface integrity enables me to objectively analyze and report on factual issues requiring this expertise for a legal engagement.

I have been retained by a major law firm to provide expert opinions on cases involving subsurface integrity.

Working as a consulting expert for either side (Plaintiff or Defendant) is within scope. Identification (or designation) as a testifying expert is available depending on the needs of the legal team for a particular engagement. Rates and related information on engagements are available on request. I fully comply with licensing requirements, conduct, and expectations in the State of Texas of a Professional Geologist (PG) although my work as a litigation consultant and/or expert witness generally does not generally require such licensing or use of the PG seal. I can engage clients from my office in Houston, Texas.

I can opine on geology, geomechanics, and subsurface integrity related to oil and gas fields and underground natural gas storage. Further information is available on request; please see my Orion Geomechanics LLC site for details.

I have been listed on consulting expert directories such as ExpertPagesLegalDirectoriesORC Experts, Engine Group, and SEAK.

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