Project Management

My project management experience spans several decades and organizations including universities, government, and corporate. Particular strengths include identifying important issues, planning, and execution of multiple simultaneous projects; personnel supervision and development; budgeting; and effective engagement with a range of diverse constituencies from senior management through the public.

Value of total funded projects managed, as project lead or co-lead, exceeds $13 million.

I completed coursework and examinations leading to a Certificate in “Strategic Project Management,” Rice University (May 2019). The need for strategic project management experience in business was shown in the widening talent gap between the requirements of employers and availability to fill roles. Traditionally, project management focused on the application of tactics, but modern business required a defined strategy to make these tactics effective. Strategic project management has stepped in to this gap, transforming the value of project managers. This online short course moved beyond the basics of traditional project management: learners acquired knowledge of how to apply strategic thinking by aligning project, program, or portfolio goals with an organization’s strategic goals. (Description modified slightly from certificate course summary).

Project Management experience includes:

  • Orion Geomechanics LLC — Managed the development of projects for corporate clients including an asset integrity management system for underground natural gas storage facilities
  • FRAC Consortium — Engaged with UT leadership team to deepen and expand industry involvement and stakeholder value (with S. Laubach, J. Gale, and J. Olson)
  • Subsurface Containment Assurance — Global field assessments, training, and software deployment, ConocoPhillips, ~$2.1 million (with L.E. Summers, co-lead)
  • Sumatra Geodetic Monitoring Program — Geodetic and geophysics project definition and leadership, ConocoPhillips, ~$5 million
  • Geomechanics Research Projects — University of Nevada and The University of Texas at Austin, includes personnel supervision, ~$5.6 million individually or with colleagues
  • Canyonlands Grabens Initiative — Research partnership between multiple universities, supported through NASA for 3 separate years

While at ConocoPhillips I managed, individually or as part of collaborative teams, several technical programs. The results were used by others in the company in areas such as enhancing the safety, production, and value of assets across the company’s global portfolio. I also monitored two industry-university research partnerships including Stanford University’s Rock Fracture Project and The University of Texas at Austin/Bureau of Economic Geology Fracture Research and Applications (FRAC) Consortium as well as serving as Subject Matter Expert for overburden and containment geomechanics.

A total of $7,762,500 in technical projects were planned and managed for ConocoPhillips, as lead or co-lead, between 2012 and March 2015.

A variety of projects have been managed including individual and team research as well as multi-university research initiatives. One of my responsibilities at ConocoPhillips involved developing and deploying a geodetic reservoir monitoring system for onshore gas fields in Indonesia. I was the project champion for this planned $5 million/5-year program.

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